Melanoma & Skin Centre

Melanoma & Skin Centre

Our goal is to give each patient personalized care that provides the most advanced treatment with the least impact on the body for:

Melanoma of the skin (ie, cutaneous melanoma)
Rare forms of melanoma including:
Melanoma of the eye (uveal melanoma)
Mucosal melanoma (for example, vaginal, rectal or sinonasal)
Squamous cell cancer
Basal cell cancer
Cutaneous lymphoma
Other skin conditions experienced by cancer patients

Our Diagnostic Approach

Early and accurate diagnosis is key to successful treatment of melanoma and other skin cancers. Our specialists use advanced diagnostic imaging and molecular medicine for the most accurate staging and treatment planning. We use the most precise and advanced technology and techniques – many of them pioneered here.

Our Treatment

We take a team approach to melanoma and skin cancers, bringing together top experts from many areas. They focus remarkable talent and expertise on each patient.

Our innovative treatments for melanoma and skin cancer include special therapies application as per diagnosis.


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The complete team is highly specialized in diagnosing common cancers, from the more common to the extremely rare.