Brain and Spine Centre

Our Apporach

Brain and Spine Center is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, spine tumors and skull base tumors. We take a team approach to give you the most advanced treatment with the least impact on your body. The conditions we treat include:

Malignant (cancerous) brain tumors, spine and skull base
Benign (non-cancerous) brain tumors, spine and skull base

And at Sandhu Cancer Centre , you’re surrounded by the strength of one of the nation’s largest and most experienced comprehensive cancer centers, which has all the support and wellness services needed to treat the whole person – not just the disease.

Our Diagnostic Approach

Early and accurate diagnosis of brain tumors and spine tumors is important. Our team includes dedicated specialists with a high degree of experience in these specific conditions. We pinpoint the type and extent of disease with the most advanced methods and tools.

Our Treatments

Brain and spine cancers are often complex and challenging. Our multi-specialty teams of renowned experts focus a remarkable amount of talent and expertise on each patient, providing customized care centered on you.

Our Clinical Trials

As one of the most active brain and spine tumor programs in the country, we are studying new ways to prevent and treat these diseases.


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The complete team is highly specialized in diagnosing common cancers, from the more common to the extremely rare.